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Governor of NTB Supports Synergy of Ciguatera Indonesia and PICES Governor of NTB, Dr. H. Zulkieflimansyah welcomed the research plan carried out by the Indonesian Ciguatera Scientist Team from the Indonesian Institute of Technology (ITI), the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), the University of Indonesia (UI) and the University of Mataram (UNRAM).

This was conveyed when the Governor received an audience from the Ciguatera Indonesia Scientist Team, supported by PICES, in his office, Monday, May 23, 2022.

“Agreed, the important thing is to keep working together. What we can help, we will definitely help,” said Bang Zul.

In his remarks, the Governor, as reported by Suara NTB said, this research is an implementation of ITI – PICES (North Pacific Ocean Science Organization) which is supported by several research institutions and universities (BRIN, UI and UNRAM) in Building a Local Warning Network for Detection and Dimensions Ciguatera Fish Poisoned Humans in the Indonesian Community will be held in Gili Meno, Air, and Trawangan (Matra)-Lombok Islands.

This research was also supported by the Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the research center and organization for the Environmental and Life Sciences Program in the study of Potential Hazards for Hazardous Algae Phenomena.

(MAB) and Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP) in Relation to Human Activities in the Aquatic Tourism Park (TWP) Gili Matra Islands.

For information, the Ciguatera Indonesia Scientist Team chose Gili Matra as the research location because Gili is one of the icons of tourism in NTB. The Research Coordinator who is also a Research Professor from the Research Center for Environmental and Clean Technology, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Prof. Suhendar I Sachoemar said that this research activity is a collaborative research between research institutions and universities in Indonesia, including ITI, BRIN, UI, UNRAM supported by PICES (The North Pacific Marine Science Organization).

PICES is an international research institute consisting of 6 countries in the North Pacific, namely Canada, Japan, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the United States.

According to Suhendar, in addition to research activities, there will also be workshops and international technology dissemination supported by PICES experts in collaboration with the NTB Provincial Government and the NTB Provincial Work Units (SKPD).

Universities, Kupang National Water Conservation Area (BKKPN), Kupang National Water Conservation Agency (BKKPN). Regional Research and Innovation (BRIDA) NTB Province, Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, students, coastal communities, environmentalists and other stakeholders.

Suhendar expressed his gratitude for the good response from the Governor of NTB to the research plan that his team will carry out. “We will research Ciguatera about the Gilis. Ciguatera is a microbenthic algae that poses a threat in environmental waters. Thank you, Mr. Governor, for being ready to help,” said Suhendar.

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